Single Tooth Implants or Bridges

The gold standard in tooth replacement
Dental implants allow for the ultimate functionality and aesthetic and provide the most ideal replacement of your natural teeth.
What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a small, specialized screw that serves as a new foundation for your teeth instead of the roots of your natural teeth.

There are three parts to an implant.

Implant post. The titanium screw placed into the jaw
Abutment. This piece is the connection between the implant and the crown.
Crown. This is the visible portion in the mouth (tooth cap) and can perfectly resemble the natural tooth it is replacing.
single tooth implants or bridges in baton rouge

Dental implants packages

  • Implant bridge
  • Single tooth complete package
    Includes implant, abutment, and crown
  • Single tooth implants
    Implant only
  • Immediate load crown
    Temporary tooth placed on implant day of surgery



At LA Implants and Dentures we provide life-changing transformations for our patients. With a bright clean smile they feel more confident

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FAQ - Single Tooth Implants

It depends. Since every case is unique, we’ll need to see you for a consultation to figure out the best course of treatment for you.
Absolutely. We are one of the few centers in America who provide this service. We routinely offer this service for anterior (front) teeth so that you can live your life without the need to hide your smile during healing. This service is not offered on posterior (back) teeth and cannot always be provided in every case.

Almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants, even those who have been told they weren’t in the past. Our doctors specialize solely in implant surgery and have handled the most challenging of cases. Call us to schedule your consultation with our doctors and discuss your options.
Care for them like natural teeth. The goal of implants is to not be able to tell it apart from your natural teeth. Brush and floss as normal and continue regular care as indicated by your dentist.
In the mouth, they look almost identical to a natural tooth. The implant body (the screw) won’t be visible in the mouth. It is placed under the gums in your bone.
Yes! Some may notice a slightly different feel than from a natural tooth, but it will function the same.
Most patients are able to return to work either the same day or the next day. More extensive cases could require more time off from work.
You may continue to bleed slightly for the first 24 hours after your implant placement. If you feel that you are bleeding more than you should be, please call the clinic.

An old home remedy that works really well to help clotting and stop bleeding is the use of tea bags. Just get a regular black tea bag, dampen it with cool water, squeeze out the excess water, place it on your extraction site or sites, and the bag will help you clot. Multiple tea bags can be used, if needed. Replace the tea bags and repeat the process as many times as you need.
We offer many levels of sedation ranging from nitrous (laughing gas) to full IV sedation. For nitrous, you will not need a driver. It can be administered in office with immediate recovery. Oral sedation (a sedative pill) is given in the office and allows a significant reduction in anxiety. Many of our patients do not remember the procedure at all. IV sedation is administered at our office and allows for the greatest level of sedation and comfort. NOTE: You MUST have a driver after you have taken your oral sedation pill(s) or IV sedation. You MUST NOT operate a motor vehicle or any machinery after taking your medication.
While experiences will vary, there could be some discomfort and possibly swelling after your procedure. Many patients report very little discomfort after their procedure. You will be prescribed pain medication to help alleviate any discomfort.
The process is very simple. Your implant is placed into your jawbone and is left alone to integrate for 4-6 months. After this, we take impressions and have your tooth fabricated to fit the spot. If you do not have enough bone and require a bone graft, this can increase treatment time.
No, once your implant is completed, you will not be able to remove it.
We do not currently offer this type of implant. While titanium implants have been around for decades with a long track record of success, zirconia implants are very new to the market, so we do not know what their success will be like long-term. We want the most successful, most predictable, best long-term results for our patients, and for these reasons, we do not offer zirconia implants at this time.

While titanium dental implants do have a 95+% success rate, yes, they can still fail. Some of the things that can cause them to fail:

⦁ failure to integrate into the bone
⦁ smoking
⦁ diabetes

If an implant fails within the first year, your dentist will replace it at no charge to you.

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