Full Mouth Implants


Our Full Mouth Implants (also known as All-On-Four treatments) are best for people who desire full chewing ability, high aesthetics, and a non-removable option. These teeth are completely lifelike and will be indistinguishable from natural teeth or veneers.

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  • Single Arch
  • Both Arches
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Dreamline Titanium

  • Single Arch
  • Both Arches

* Finals delivered as fast as same day of surgery. Discuss with your healthcare provider if this is the right choice for you

Qualification for warranty replacement requires annual maintenance appointments and regular night guard wear. These appointments allow us to ensure that your bridges are optimally functioning and stable. We remove the bridges as required and perform thorough cleaning of the bridges, implant interfaces, and soft tissue. We also evaluate your bite and make any necessary adjustments for maximum support and chewing efficiency. These appointments range from $250 for just an examination to $400 for removal and cleaning. Typically, we remove all bridges at the 1 year mark for cleaning and evaluate how often future removal is needed.

Implant Denture (snap-in) packages

All of the below packages come with our highest quality, premium dentures, providing ultimate aesthetics and function.

4 Implant Lower snap-in denture

$8,250 + cost of extractions

This replaces all of your bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by dental implants. This price includes 4 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and the snap-in denture.

Optional 2 implant lower snap-in denture

$5,250 + cost of extractions

While not as stable or secure as a 4-implant denture, it offers significant improvements in chewing power and retention over a traditional full lower denture.

Denture Packages

Our denture packages are for patients who are looking for the most affordable tooth replacement option. We offer low prices and fast turnarounds. Many offices charge 2-4 times as much as we do and can take weeks longer to get you your new teeth. The price of extractions and immediate dentures are not included.


  • Set
  • Single Denture

Dental implants packages

  • Implant bridge
  • Single tooth complete package
    Includes implant, abutment, and crown
  • Single tooth implants
    Implant only
  • Immediate load crown
    Temporary tooth placed on implant day of surgery



At LA Implants and Dentures we provide life-changing transformations for our patients. With a bright clean smile they feel more confident

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